Dear Closing Professional,

As part of our regulatory requirements and for the protection of our mutual customers, Bank of England Mortgage uses Secure Insight, (aka Secure Settlements, Inc.) as an independent third-party risk evaluation firm for closing professionals. Secure Insight maintains a database of over 70,000 closing agents and is trusted throughout the mortgage lending industry for fulfilling due diligence requirements.

Any closing professional doing business with Bank of England Mortgage needs to register each of their branch locations with Secure Insight. We require the registrant to be authorized to disburse from the branch’s Trust Account.

Registration can easily be accomplished by visiting and completing an online application. Please register within 3 days of receipt of this letter, as any delays in processing the registration may cause subsequent delays in scheduling a closing.

For your convenience and savings, Bank of England Mortgage has secured a waiver of the normal $349 registration fee for our closing professionals. This means that you can register now at no cost and continue to be registered for all lenders using Secure Insight to help meet their due diligence requirements. 

To take advantage of this waiver, use the code ENGL000 during your registration. This code is valid only for new registrations. Secure Insight is unable to issue refunds or credits if the code is not used during the initial registration process. Should you require technical assistance with your registration, please contact Secure Insight directly at (877) 758-7878.

If you have already registered with Secure Insight, please email us your registration number so we can add it to your company information. 


If you have questions about our due diligence requirements please call us (866) 878-2265 and ask to speak with someone in our Compliance Department. If available, please email your registration number to the email address shown below. You may also email the Bank of England Mortgage Compliance team at

For the mutual protection of all parties, we reserve the right to deny such person or company access to funds, closing documents, consumer information, etc. when a closing company poses an unacceptable risk to consumers or our business partners, the risk criteria will be evaluated in the lender’s sole and absolute discretion.